Values and Mission


To provide outstanding service to the Customers, contribute to the growth of the brands which it represents by valuing the trust gained from the suppliers and honouring the commitments made.  To guarantee the best work conditions for its employees so as to create long-lasting relationships which will be clearly reflected in the outstanding customer service that it promotes.


To actively contribute to the positioning of the brand Portugal in the international markets by praising its high-quality products. To guarantee that the Unifato Group stands out as one of the main Portuguese players in the clothing retail sector.


It is through teamwork that the Unifaco Group guarantees rigour, quality, transparency, honesty and pragmatism in the way in which it marks its presence in the market. The multidisciplinary skills of the Unifato team define it and make it stand out from the rest. This work is never complete because Customer Satisfaction is currently and has always been the inspiration source of a Group which always strives to be the best.